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” We believe Rome is a unique experience and we want to help you make it real. “

” We believe hospitality is much more than a bed and a set of keys. “

” We believe small details can make a big difference. “

” We believe we can make the difference from a nice to a memorable stay. “

foto-05-11-15-10-40-18_1Our project began from the passion we have for Rome, for its history, for its colours and atmospheres, for its food and for its people. We decided to start our small business to help people spend great time in our wonderful city, whether it is for holiday or business travel.

Giving the chance to stay in a beautiful apartment, with quality services and facilities, we believe it gives you more freedom, more flexibility and more privacy than a simple hotel room, all factors that contribute to get the maximum out of your time here.

Our small team is committed to help you arrange your stay in Rome in the best and easiest way, from the very first contact, up to the moment you will leave the City. We believe a friendly and easy access to someone local, ready to support you with your needs, can make a big difference in the quality of your stay.

We will keep looking for great locations to add to our portfolio, keep looking for improvements to our services, keep looking for simply making your stay better and better.